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After The Rain - July 2020

A rainbow of t-shirt yarn drying on the line

Nearly 2 weeks ago Whangarei had the mother of all storms, with heavy flooding in the CBD. The Salvation Army Family Store was flooded and had to close for a week while it was cleaned up and dried out. What a year - they could do without that!

Intercept had a little damage too - only the draught stoppers could not be saved, other items were washed, dried and ready to go again.

We've learnt our lesson - don't have any stock on the floor or windowsills!

Everything upcycled - Intercept's shop shelves

The Intercept shop is set up and busy again. Upcycled jackets and merino are selling well. Buyers are loving the Day of the Dead appliqued items and we're having fun making them.

We continue the volunteer profiles...

Carol A

I work full time as a Programme Manager for Springboard Trust (educational leadership programmes), and am Mum to three, step-mum to another three, and Granny Carol to five grandchildren.

As a lifelong sewer (I made my first item of clothing at 6), I have a huge respect for the amount of effort and creativity put into creating quality items of clothing, and I love mending or up-cycling items to extend their life. I am horrified by the cheap manmade fabric items flooding the market and damaging the environment. Intercept is so important in raising consciousness of this issue, and offering ways to respect, value and re-use natural fabrics.

I make children's clothing, and hope to find time to start making 'funky' up cycled jackets. I save adults merino items, often just needing small holes mended, and re-use them to make cosy merinos for babies and children.

Upcycled by Carol - gorgeous girl's outfit.

Upcycled from preloved merino by Carol

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