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Pillow Talk

Turning unsaleable pillows into something valuable

There are some Intercept operations that go unseen by the general public, and this one is worthy of sharing out loud.

Many pillows are donated to op shops that just don't cut it for the shop shelf.

Carmen is our dedicated, treasured volunteer who has to date turned these into over 1200 beautiful pillows. These refreshed pillows are donated to a community space where they are all quickly snapped up.

Carmen in a sea of pillows

Carmen removes the yellowed and worn pillowcases and replaces them with new covers made from donated white cotton fabric. Another volunteer, Kim, helps with laundering.

Before adding the new covers, Carmen teases out every pillow, sometimes adding more fill to make them beautifully soft and squishy.

Pillows ready for processing

Each pillow is donated in a clean, rescued pillowcase so that the new owner will be able to keep the pillow clean, in case they don't have enough linen of their own.

This is such a win/win/win.

There is a lot of synthetics saved from the landfill, at least for a while. One for the environment!

It no longer costs the op shop in terms of dumping fees. $$$

People in the community who sometimes have little or no bedding now have beautiful pillows.

...And then there are the cushions that Carmen saves too...

Every op shop needs a Carmen.

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