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Intercept News June 2020

It's not a year since the beginning of Intercept, but we have a team of great, committed volunteers (more always welcome) and the Intercept store is ticking along. Shopping here in New Zealand is back to normal post Covid 19.

The store has remained well stocked with wonderful things from our maker-volunteers, like this fabulous bear made from a damaged blanket by Noelene, which didn't stay on the shelf long before finding a new home.

During and since lock down some of the team have been making lots of draught stoppers. Some of these lovelies are for sale in the Intercept store, but most of them are being donated to Healthy Homes Northland. This government funded project advises people living in cold homes how to improve their situation - but gets no funding to actually provide them with the means. It's a win/win as we get to use up a lot of textile scrap that would have otherwise been dumped plus help to keep Northland homes warm.

This jacket by Jenny is one of several that have been selling well, with another heading into the store soon.

Work in progress by Jenny H. Wool jacket

This week has been National Volunteer Week.

Intercept would be nothing without our fabulous volunteers who bring so many different skills to benefit the group.

Each post for a while will have a profile of one of our volunteers (if they can be persuaded) so thanks Kirsten for this one.

Intercept Profile

Kirsten F

I’m an Office Support Administrator. I used to be a sorter for Intercept, and I am still a gifter of clothes and bedding within my community. I’m in cahoots with my friend Pania who knows way more people than me.

For me, I love the fact that Intercept diverts heaps of items from landfill. We give away clothing and bedding that hasn't sold, but is still good to use. I really appreciate the skill that the Intercept makers have but for me it’s all about helping my community and reducing the amount of good stuff that goes to landfill but is still useful.

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