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New Life for Sewing Machines

Over the few years that Intercept has been running, the Salvation Army Store team have called on us numerous times to help with donated sewing machines and overlockers.

Many of these machines just don't work straight off, so they're not actually sellable.

As you can imagine, the Intercept team are fairly passionate about rescuing sewing machines that could potentially work, so we have come up with a method to save as many as possible - and it works!

We have accrued enough funds that we can pay for the machines to be serviced by Rob, who is absolute gold to us. Carmen is our team member who runs the machines back and forth (she's absolute gold too).

Each machine sold pays for its service and provides a little extra - which now supports the Intercept team to have their own machines serviced and to pay for our website, so that we need never ask the Salvation Army store management for money for running costs.

If that isn't a win/win/win I don't know what is.

If you happen to be looking for a good used sewing machine - contact us, the chances are that we'll have one or one will come along soon.

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