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Intercept Volunteers - Why the Attraction?

Intercept is taking a break right now, along with much of the world, due to New Zealand's lock down for Covid 19. With the few days warning that we had of the lock down, the call went out to our volunteers to get in quick and load up with materials to keep everyone busy and productive while isolating.

Mari's denim strip and crochet mat in progress

You can be sure that while our volunteers are safely at home, they're whipping up some great winter-related items for when the Whangarei Salvation Army Family Store, and the Intercept Store inside of it, reopen.

One of Jenny's upcycles, ready for winter.

Think along the lines of hot water bottle covers, draught stoppers, cute winter clothing, items made with salvaged blankets and merino - I can't wait!

An exciting denim/tartan upcycled skirt by Jenny H.

So what makes so many want to volunteer with Intercept?

Since we began last August, we've been blessed with more than 25 great people coming in to help. They range in age from schoolgirls to the over 70's. They are the lifeblood.

Many of our volunteers come with a passion for the environment; they just want to stop the waste. Many have a strong social conscience; they want to see the clothes and bedding going to those in need rather than to landfill.

We have those who are creatives/ fabric lovers/ designers. These volunteers donate some of their time or some of their work - in return for materials for free to work with.

Sherie's aprons are being made to fill an order.

In fact, that is a plus for being a volunteer at Intercept. We decided early on that if our volunteers see something they would like, then it's theirs to keep. After all, it's another way to treasure those textiles that we're saving.

Intercept's volunteers put in as little or as much time as they're able, but when running normally we try to have 3 on for 3 hours from Monday to Friday. This is generally sorting bales, making sure the Intercept store is stocked and anything else that needs doing.

Some volunteer from home only; they make items for the store or help to keep things running.

Intercept's volunteers are separate from the Salvation Army, but we wholeheartedly support the work that they do, and of course, that's where all Intercept profit goes.

The Salvation Army puts profits from sales right back into our own community - and that's a great reason to volunteer!

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