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It's A Fabric-Inspired Christmas!

Here at Intercept, we're excited about our first Christmas in the Intercept shop (within the Salvation Army Family Store in Whangarei NZ).

Our volunteers have created an array of Christmassy decorations and potential gifts, which Jenny has arranged so beautifully.

The shop has been fabulously popular since it opened earlier in 2020. The trend (permanent hopefully) for reusing and upcycling has hit a spot worldwide. Gifts from second hand and upcycled items are now perfectly acceptable to many.

Disposable wrapping paper and gift bags are now being replaced by reusable fabric bags and furoshiki style wrapping (here's an example of how to do it)

. That's great news for us here at Intercept. We have plenty out in the shop for people to buy - beautifully presented.

Gift bags at just $4 - $6 each make gift wrapping simple

Beautiful furoshiki gift wrap

Need a reusable alternative to cellophane for your gift baskets? We have some of that too - some gorgeous sheers.

If you aren't close to our shop - scout around for vintage scarves, reuse your old t-shirts, use any material you already have to make bags and wrapping. The trick is, always work on making it attractive - so add pretty tags, a bit of greenery, thrifted fake flowers or Christmas decorations.

If you are worried that people will throw away your fabric - add a little note with suggestions for reuse (they're great in your suitcase) and the offer to take it back if they really don't want it! It becomes part of the gift.

If it's stocking fillers you're after - we have scrunchies, reusable make up wipes, produce bags - or for your dog?... pet beds, denim bones or Christmassy braided t-shirt material toys.

Christmassy dog toys (in front), more gift bags

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers and supportive customers and followers and wish you all a Merry Christmas from Intercept.

Your input has helped us to help the Salvation Army in Whangarei to put a lot more money back into supporting our local community.

Look out for our 50% off Boxing Day Sale.

Onwards and upwards for 2021!

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