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The Intercept Store - Excitement Builds

With only 2 days to go until the Intercept Store opens within the Salvation Army Family Store (SAFS) in Whangarei, it's all go at Intercept headquarters.

Jenny has been putting in volunteer hours on an almost full-time basis. The shop is her baby, and she has asked to be the one to set it up. This means it has a cohesive look which is coming together beautifully, and we are all in awe. Many thanks to Jenny's partner Andrew too, for all those handmade clothing racks and the myriad of other practical things that he's been doing.

Jenny H, hard at work on the Intercept Store

The fittings/materials have all been sourced second hand, with an emphasis on natural materials. The children's coathangers have been cut down from adult ones, that were destined for landfill and beautifully covered by Noeline.

The stock is starting to go into place - amid much interest from the SAFS staff and the public. This concept is pretty new - if not a first - and people don't know what to expect.

The stock of course is all upcycled from rescued textiles and haberdashery, 99.9% coming from the SAFS itself. The textiles would have gone to landfill - and look how glorious they are now!

There are men's, women's, children's and teenager's racks, plus a homeware line.

It's all made by the team of Intercept volunteers who are all fabric lovers/ zero wasters/ long time upcyclers/ people of all ages. There will be more about our volunteers in further posts.

Lastly, some cutlery wraps, made by Janine. These are to carry in your car or handbag, so that when you attend an event that only has disposable cutlery - you've got a zero waste option.

They all have a beautiful fabric serviette, but if you want the cutlery for them, either source it from home, or wander out into the store where it is sold individually. On that note, if you live in Whangarei and have excess cutlery, Nick tells me this is one item they can't get enough of, so donate here!

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