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We're Back!

I must say, it was fabulous to have a stash of Intercept textiles during lock down. It was a peaceful and productive time for many of us at Intercept.

Snuggly hot water bottle cover by Jenny

With that, also thinking of those around the world who were needed at work, those in hardship and those who succumbed to Covid or lost family members.

We are so fortunate in New Zealand to have had no new Covid cases for the 12th day straight, with next week looking like we might hear an announcement of the return to level one.

The Salvation Army Store in Whangarei has been open for a little while, the donations are rolling in, and as of this week Intercept volunteers are allowed back (but with a few new safety rules).

The Intercept shop, within the above mentioned store, has been busy. Sales since the Intercept shop opened have exceeded expectations. We're learning what sells well and what not-so-much, and are adapting to this. We're selling the Winter items that we were busy making during lock down.

A nest of draught stoppers by Anne F, filled with fabric scraps.

Without the Intercept team of volunteers, it wouldn't really work. So in the next few blog posts we're going to feature some of our volunteers.

First up ...

Noelene B

What do you do in real life? Retired - now I'm a "Domestic Goddess"  living in Onerahi with my partner, Bev.

What inspires you about Intercept? the wholistic approach taken by a group of like-minded people, who are determined to make a difference to what goes into our landfill and who enjoy seeing an item begin a new life after being "rescued" pre-landfill.

What do you make/do for Intercept? And with that, what items do you save from landfill at Intercept? I knit, sew, crochet, mend, patch, fix almost anything that comes my way. I make teddies (blanket bear is my latest creation - from an old blue tartan woollen blanket). About to embark on learning a new skill - overlocking. I enjoy up-cycling children's garments.

Landfill savings: denim, woollens, t-shirts, good cotton fabric

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