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Welcome To Intercept!

We've had so much interest in Intercept Fabric Rescue, that we've decided it needed a platform to show what we're doing a how we are doing it.

The best possible outcome would be that our concept duplicates around the world, saving textiles from landfills everywhere.

What you will see as the blog unfolds are our upcycled creations, we'll share about the distribution of textiles (and some other items) to artists and crafters in our community, and also to people in need.

We'll tell you what works, and what doesn't!

Our Intercept shop will be opening on March 7th, within the Salvation Army Family Store, Vine Street, Whangarei, New Zealand - we'll be showing off the hard work put in by our volunteers. All profits will go to the Salvation Army - we have no paid workers at Intercept.

Thanks for visiting our blog and website, which are both still under construction.

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1 Comment

Hi Anne, great to have this blog site for more in depth discussion and comment on Intercept, which as far as I am aware is the first permanent in store upcycling shop in NZ. How about the world even? Would like to know.

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